Wondering if your business or organization should use Facebook ads instead of traditional marketing?

With the growing power and user base of social media, Facebook ads can be the perfect way to raise awareness for your business. Facebook clocks in with over 1 billion users worldwide and is arguably the most popular social media platform, as the average American spends about 40 minutes on Facebook per day. If you’re not using Facebook ads to your advantage, you should be, and here are ten reasons why:

  1. Facebook ads are surprisingly affordable: They are an effective, affordable option for marketing your business. In Facebook ads, $5 goes a long way in reaching a large audience, as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on print ads. 
  2. Facebook ads have the ability to reach a lot of consumers, specific to your business, and their friends: Besides the sheer numbers of Facebook users, Facebook ads allow you to narrow your targeting down to what will be most successful for your specific business, as Facebook can organize people by their interests and demographics. For example, if you own a local winery, you can ensure your ad will reach people over the age of 21, who are interested in things like wine, travel, vineyards, etc., allowing for your ads to be more effective by reaching only those who could be interested in your specific business, and also their friends. 
  3. Facebooks ads are fast: Facebook ads allow you to start reaching a large number of people today. It’s a quick and easy way to boost awareness of your business.
  4. Facebook ads allow you to reach out to those who have already shown an interest in your business: Facebook ads’ remarketing feature detects those who have already visited your website and shows them your ad again. This reinforces the idea of your business and serves as a reminder for those who have already enjoyed your business.
  5. Facebook ads allow for your business to build a relationship with consumers: With the ability to easily communicate via likes, comments, and shares, Facebook ads allow a two-way discussion between the business and consumers, and the potential to follow-up on a previous marketing campaign and to foster campaigns in the future.
  6. Facebooks ads allow you to easily track your success: You have the ability to track the number of times your ad was shown, clicked, and if people took other actions, like visiting your business’ website.
  7. Facebook ads give you immediate feedback, making adjustments to your ad is easy: Because tracking your success is so simple, you can see what consumers are responding most positively to and instantly tweak your other ads to mirror what is working.
  8. Facebook ads can boost your search engine rating: Because these ratings are based on social media activity, such as likes, shares, and comments, Facebook ads can help contribute to your rank on search engines.
  9. Facebook ads can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet: With many users viewing Facebook on their smartphone apps and over 50% of internet users being mobile, the ability to see your ad on their smartphone and not just their computer will contribute to not only increased awareness of your business but also to the ability to reach more people through Facebook ads.
  10. Facebook ads will give you an advantage over your competitors: If they are not currently using Facebook ads, or using improperly, you have the ability to gain an edge by doing so. You can gain new leads and customers, who may have traditionally gone with your competitor instead.   


With solid backgrounds in marketing, the Skillara team has the skills and creativity to help businesses expand their reach and grow their business. From developing one component to an overall marketing strategy, Skillara helps businesses and organizations get to where they want to go. 

The Skillara social team can help you increase your visibility and engagement on social media to be seen by potential new customers and connect with your existing fans keeping your business “top of mind.”